graceful fig




The design of graceful fig takes on the curatorial direction, of unveiling a new breed, by drawing inspiration from the graceful fig shell and its simple yet elegant process of forming through the fibonacci sequence. The shell is unravelled to form a table surface that inverts the nature of the shell as a protective element whilst revealing the thinness of the surface.

This unravelling process is optimized via computational design to generate a new breed of design iterations. The selected iteration is fabricated with a patented state-of-the-art stone bending process that minimizes both material wastage and fabrication time as compared with conventional slab carving techniques.


Bespoke Customization

  • Your first step

    Choose your stone

    quarried responsibly from established sources

    Our materials
    All of our materials are sourced and quarried responsibly without impact to the natural environment.

  • Customization

    Select your very own design

    generated from an advanced computational algorithm

    An advanced computational design algorithm will be used to balance 3 parameters: the structural strength, the material efficiency and time efficiency. This algorithm is able to generate different variations that will optimize itself between these 3 parameters to evolve to an end-state.

  • Certification


    your very own evolutionary table

    Birth Certification
    Your unique Graceful Fig table will be certified on its date of inception and completion, culminating your extraordinary journey in the evolution of your bespoke Graceful Fig.




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